360 VR motion platform rides.

Santa’s Super Sleigh Ride VR

Frequently Asked Questions

Mechatron™ experiences last 5-7 minutes but feel like much longer.

We use the Pico Goblin, networked with our proprietary software and synced to a 6-seater motion platform.

For patron safety, some exclusions apply.

The mechatron is elevated off the floor, has steps up to it and has waist seatbelts. Riders must be able to support their weight and maintain their body’s upright position and it is moved around.

People with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers should consult their doctor before using VR. People who are pregnant should not ride the Mechatron™.

No, the Mechatron is not scary or rough. Our content is mild and designed for mixed audiences. It is not fast-moving like show rides.